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Sean/Holden Community
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perseph2hades wrote in re_perseph
Hi all--

Happy New Year!

I hope you're all doing well, I hope in this new year you're all exactly where you want to be, doing exactly what you want.

So, I finally went ahead and created a community for Sean/Holden shippers from the movie Valentine's Day.


I figured I'd seen enough interest across the internets to merit a comm :)

It permits for anything and everything related to the pairing and I'm hoping at the very least we can put up links to fics we find all over the place.

Please feel free pimp to anyone you think might be interested.. and let's plan on having some fun.

And yes, fic is coming!

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I have not yet seen this movie; I've just bumped it to the top of my Netflix queue. WooT!

And Justified is out on DVD in three days!

Why hallo thar! Do tred carefully when it comes to this movie. 95% percent was toxic. To me at least. But the nothing they gave us with the pairing is classic fertile ground for slash.

I hope they put some good extras on the DVD! I miss good extras!

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