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perseph2hades wrote in re_perseph
1) Closing this journal.

Well, I believe the time has come. It's hard to find the words to say thank you to all of you who have joined, read, and kept me motivated in this journal. The experience of being on LiveJournal has been life changing, and will be utterly impossible to forget or to match.

Thank you, for simply everything. I feel that if I try to say more, it would only trivialize what I'm feeling. I only hope to continue to see you guys around - please don't be strangers.

The journal will remain as-is; I won't be deleting anything, and my email remains the same. The writing goes on, especially with new Avengers things to keep us gawping & headexploding. So keep on perving, don't take things too seriously, and always remember to floss. I will miss you all. Dreadfully.

2) New Part of Valentine's Day series up at Archive.

Title: Breathe, You'll Be Fine, Part I
Fandom: Valentine's Day
Pairing: Sean/Holden
Series: Willing to Take the Risk
Rating: R
Summary: Sean is back from the season but something is not right.
A/N: Posted at Archive of Our Own.

See you around.

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Hey babe, sorry to hear you're closing shop, but I know the feeling. Sometimes it's just time! I always enjoyed your fics (we're talking way back in the day, like Troy stuff!) so best wishes and happy trails!!! *smooches and hugs*

Thank you! Oh my goodness, Troy stuff. LOL. Great times. Hope you keep on having them. It sure has been amazing. *hugs you tight*

Many huggles my dear. I definitely know the feeling...turned over my forum board last year to others. It was long overdue and a welcome change.

Sigh. Lady, it is time to reconnect. I'll send you an email.

Thank you so much for all your stories. I have enjoyed each and every one of them, and knowing of you has enriched my own experiences. <3

Thank you, it's been nothing but a pleasure, including the pleasure you gave me in writing in the Secret Service verse. I still quiver when I think of that. LOL. *kisses*

I hope things are going well and our circles overlap sometime again!

That is a must. I need to come up there so badly and hang out, it's not even funny. It will have to happen soon or my head will pop. I want to hear everything that's been going on everywhere in fandom, in your lives, everything. LOL. Seriously. Can't wait to see you soonish.

I've been hermitty but would make an exception for you, so please do let me know when would be good!

(Deleted comment)
*hugs you breathless* Thank you.

Awww, I am so sad. It isn't like I've been bebopping around LJ as of late, and I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant, so it isn't as if I will be again in the foreseeable future, but man. I have enjoyed so much of your writing- I remember absolutely agonizing over the wait between Gary/Randy fics, which by the way, I looked over at AO3 and didn't know the series had the name Island of Capricorn! or any name at all, really- but I absolutely understand the need to move on. Good luck to you, lady.

*gasps* Pregnant! OMG, congrats!! Eeee! How far we've all come from our innocent perving days of BHD! LOL. Well done, you.

Yeah, I settled upon the name for the day I will sit down and do edits/add chapters for original ebook publication. A title is always a good motivator and place to start.

Thank you for all the years of fun and joy. We'll always have those fantastic memories. *kisses*

nnooooooooooooo ... *clings to your ankles* i miss having you around so much! i did you on AO3 recently, so i need to catch up on your fic.

OMG! AVENGERS! i'm seeing that this weekend!

I'm glad your not going to stop writing but it will be sad not to see you on LJ as much. your a great writer, thank you for writing

You're very welcome. And thank you for always being there to support this pairing. It means a lot for a writer, as you know. *smushes you*

I do love this pairing and I have you to thank for that. so HUGS back

Aw, I'm sad to read this! Love you! :(

*hugs you* Love you too! We'll stay in touch, no worries. And hopefully one day meet up at a convention or some other thing.

Are you over at tumblr at all?

No, but now I'm wondering..

Also, your icon just made you the winner.

Sad news! Question though: how will I be able to know when you update this Valentine's Day story after this update?

Hmm. Without an Archive account for you to subscribe to the series, the only thing I can think of would be for you to add the Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson feed to your LJ friends list (feed://archiveofourown.org/tags/287193/feed.atom). Except that the feed covers all fics posted to that pairing and feeds themselves are only available on Paid LJ accounts.

I also post updates to moviefanfiction, but the idea is to streamline the updating process.

I do know that many people aren't on Archive, and your question in addition to someone's above about a tumblr acct, has given me food for thought. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make this easy for everyone. Do you happen to have any suggestions?

Oh, I'll simply get an Archive account! I didn't think it was possible to subscribe on that website even with an account, but I'll take the measures necessary to keep up with the story. :)

LOL. Okay, well that worked out!


We have had some good times, no? :) xxoo

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